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Working In A Series

I‘m back in the studio and enjoying the view from my window today. Recently, I’ve been painting florals while watching the bird antics at the feeder... finally some pleasant weather! I have been working on a series of impressionistic florals and I’ve been blessed to sell several recently at my local farmers‘ market. I thought I’d share a bit of my process with you... here’s one piece from my floral series.

I start with wild and random marks, all over the canvas, no order to it... just get some color, shapes and gestural marks down - easy peasy!

Next, I do some negative painting to start bringing out the shape of the vase and the floral bouquet. This one entails the cruciform composition.

Develop the shape, a veiling technique, using thinned white acrylic paint to block out the “noise” and start refining the composition.

I start adding foliage and refining the bloom shapes, adding light and shadows.

Add the blooms, the centers, shadows and highlights!

I’m giving a two hour class on this technique in Angleton, TX on May 18th. It really does go fast! Only two spots left... contact me or if you want to catch this two hour class. All levels welcome!

Come paint with me... we will have LOTS of fun! Contact Inga Kervin at The Boho House or send an email to me @ to save you a space.

To view more of my work, go to I’m on Facebook at C Grandjean Art, on Instagram as Cynthia Grandjean. Stop in and let me know what you think😉!



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