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Mystery, Simplicity and a Little Wow!

Hello friends, I have some big news to share. My very first solo exhibition is happening soon and YOU are invited! The opening night reception for my show Mystery, Simplicity and a little Wow! will be Friday night, July 7 from 6:30 to 8 pm in the Brazosport Art League Gallery located at The Brazosport Center for the Arts and Sciences, 400 College Drive in Clute, Texas 77531. Join us for some art conversation, light bites and refreshments. A little bit about my show: You will see paintings in all sizes. I've been very busy painting in mixed media, acrylics, watercolors as well as my latest favorite - oils! Since leading a plein air painting group (almost three years now) I've collected LOTS of studies while sketching and painting the outdoors with my fabulous, arty friends. These studies and color notes inform my studio landscape paintings. As a side note, my plein air painting experience has led me to the fun activity of nature journaling. You never know what you will learn when you join the Plein Aires! Back to my will see my landscapes that document scenes from around Brazoria County, a series of figurative pieces as well as some florals. Creating impressionistic florals is always fun! A few bold abstracts will round out the show. Look for the drips of paint, curvy and sinewy lines, texture and asemic writing that shows up in most of my creations. Look for the quiet conversation and the loud conversation in the abstracts, the little bits of the story as well as the focal points. Hmmm... I may even include a few of my small unique metal assemblage I have you a little bit interested, don't I ? Tell me where YOU see the mystery, the simplicity and maybe just a wee bit of wow! It's been a great bit of fun preparing this show for you. The Brazosport Art League is a great venue and I hope you will join me there for a fun evening of art and fellowship, discussing the paintings and asking questions about the work. If you can't make the opening night reception, you can view the show at another time; it hangs from July 5 through August 6. Let's connect. Go to my Facebook page at C Grandjean Art where I post pics of works in progress, photos of colorful flowers and serene beach scenes, snippets of art tips as well as my plein air outing adventures with my fellow creatives. Follow me on Instagram @cynthiagrandjean and check out my story at Cheers, Cynthia.

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