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Mixing It Up In Mixed Media


I love mixed media! It's so fun to work with more than one medium at a time.  I usually combine several water-based mediums in my mixed media pieces.  (If you use more than one kind of media in an art piece, it's called "mixed media.")  This floral was done in watercolor and a shiny, iridescent gold ink.  I began by applying another medium called gesso onto the substrate, an 11 x 14 inch piece of 140 pound watercolor paper.  I began with a high quality, professional grade watercolor paper so that it would hold up to the application of gesso. I used a paintbrush to apply the gesso, which looks like white paint.  When dry, it left a vertical, linear texture - revealing the brushstrokes. I painted the pink blossoms and green leaves, using several shades of color, applying them in layers. When the watercolor floral was completely dry, I added the lovely iridescent gold ink to the centers of the impressionistic flowers. When viewed from different angles, the centers just shimmer with light reflections! Try it: get your paints out, gather some tools and... have some fun making some art! This painting is called Pinks and it's available for sale on my website at   See pieces that have sold as well as what's still available. You can contact me via my Facebook page at C Grandjean Art.

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