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Guess What I Found?

Back in April, the weather was nice for a change, so I decided to get out and about. I stopped at the Lake Jackson Library as the books on my own bookshelf (above) just weren't enticing me to sit awhile and read.

I LOVE finding some quiet time to just go and browse in the library. I really enjoy non fiction. This time, as a change in routine, I decided to go over to the corner where the magazines and newspapers were kept as I rarely stop there. If no one is using the nearby meeting room, it is nice and quiet, a corner with large windows, perfect for reading.

While heading that way, I decided to stop and view the lovely art hanging in the meeting room. It is a satellite gallery of the Brazosport Art League, of which I am a member, so I always enjoy seeing what other artists in my community are creating. After checking out the art, I glimpsed some shelves with signs on them.

I found out, to my great delight, that the library has equipment that you can check out! 3D printing, digitizing, hobby equipment, STEM kits and more! You can check out gardening equipment, a 7 foot ladder, camping tents, a laminator, button maker, comb binder, even a fence post driver, post hole digger and a pole pruner among other DIY equipment...who knew?

I was sooo excited! What a great service. You will need to pay a small fee for the supplies, such as the laminator pouches, vinyl sheets or buttons. I never knew that the library provide this equipment and I have been going there for years.

So let's all get out there and enjoy this pretty weather; stay hydrated, do some gardening or enjoy your favorite hobby... the equipment you need just might be found in your local library!

What hobbies do you enjoy? One of my favorite hobbies, is to get out and photograph nature. I took the following pictures recently while enjoying the pretty spring weather.

Leave a comment below if you know of some gem in the community that you can share!

The wind did batter this lovely magnolia, but the scent was heavenly.

Wild irises at the San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge in southern Brazoria County.

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