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Favorite Tools

I wanted to share a couple of tips with you, especially if you frame your own art. Here's a must have tool: a gimlet. I use it to bore the initial hole in a wooden frame making it easier to insert the screw which attaches the hardware ( usually a D - ring). It's a hand tool to drill small holes in wood without splitting. The first known use of a gimlet was in the 14th century. It has stood the test of time, still being used today. I gave both of my sons a gimlet and hope they like it as much as I do when working with wood. I ordered mine online.


Another trick is to take an old plastic card and cut a slit about 1/2 inch on one side. Place it around the screw insertion site to protect the wood of the frame while you insert the screw. No more scratched wood from slippage of the screwdriver! I'm not good at handling a screwdriver.

This final tip is my favorite. Every handyman needs a point driver if you do any framing.

Hobby Lobby sells these and they are so worth the money...don't forget to use that store coupon! This tool works very well. You simply load it with small pointed metal tabs, similar to loading staples into stapler.

Happy framing!

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