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Art Inspired by Nature

As an artist, people ask me all of the time "where do you get your ideas?". Let me try to give you a hint of what I do. I have enjoyed using that simple tool in my pocket, the iPhone.

I love to take photos of pattern, texture and contrast, especially outdoors. These simple photos inspire me to paint in vivid colors, embellishing those colors along the way.

I love line work and have been incorporating them into my art quite a bit lately.

The following art was inspired by textures found outside, things floating on water, the colors of the hibiscus in my yard, a clear and cool blue spring sky... I combined the ideas to create this piece.

From these inspirations...

The high contrast of colors and shapes against the sky provide great inspiration and set the wheels in motion to create another piece.

Paintings inspired by the beautiful spiky leaves in nature......

So there you have it, some of my ideas for art. It's such a relaxing, fun way to work!

I am looking forward to many more opportunities to use my iPhone for outdoor photography to gather more ideas.

Get creative, be inspired and above all, just have fun....all you need is your phone to capture the images that inspire you.

Today I mailed in my application to start training in the fall as a Texas Master Naturalist put on by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and Texas Agrilife Extension Service. It is a volunteer program that helps children and adults in the community to learn about Texas' natural resources.

I'm excited about the chance to get out and experience nature in a whole new way!

Are you a creative? How and what inspires you? Please share with me in the comments!

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